Push-In Terminal blocks with an innovative design for CT shorting

News from one of our manufacturers Phoenix Contact on PTME Series of disconnect terminal blocks…

Phoenix Contact introduces PTME 4 and PTME 6 test disconnect terminal blocks; the latest addition to the line of PT DIN Rail products. The 6 series is also designed with innovative plugs for current transformer (CT) shorting that allow “make first, break last” operation. The PTME series combines test and measurement disconnects with pluggable COMBI connectors for increased safety and assembly time savings.

A screw-free knife disconnect lever provides visual indication of the position of the switch. Each block also has bridging channels on either side of the disconnect lever. The pluggable shorting component locks into a bridging channel which accommodates push-in FBS bridges to allow easy access for installing test sockets.

PT terminal blocks allow easy and fast termination of ferruled wire by simply pushing the wire for a complete termination. Pushing the orange actuator terminates stranded wire, while opening the spring for the insertion of the wire. Phoenix Contact has made all new models compatible with the Clipline Complete system of bridging, marking, test accessories, and plug in components.


Operators use test disconnect terminal blocks to reduce high voltages from transformers and transducers. PTME series terminal blocks provide disconnect capability between the measuring transducers and the safety equipment (protective relays). Measuring high currents using metering equipment in low- and medium-voltage monitoring networks helps protect against high voltage running through the equipment. To accomplish this important function, technicians place PTME test disconnect blocks before the meter for test, measurement and maintenance.

Key applications include switchgear within the following market segments:

  • Power generation – Generator protection in power stations, regenerative energy generation.
  • Energy distribution – Transformer, conductor, busbar protection, such as in distribution networks and transformation substations in medium- and high-voltage switching systems.
  • Electrical machines, motors, drives and back-up power generators.

Product Features:

  • PTME 4 series – UL 24-10 AWG; 26 Amps at 300 volts
  • PTME 6 series – UL 20-8 AWG; Rating varies by specific blocks
  • Up to 50 percent reduction push-in force compared to other push-in type terminal blocks.
  • Five times the IEC requirement for pull-out (retention) force.
  • Up to 35% faster termination than standard spring cage due to the short push button activation stroke.
  • Completely touch-proof design.
  • Uses same accessories as the UTME series.

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