PRC series circular connectors from Phoenix Contact

We’re pleased to share news Phoenix Contact and their PCB Connectors

The new three- and five-position power conPCB Connectorsnectors in the PRC series enable you to reliably and conveniently connect AC cables to your equipment. The device connectors with crimp connection are supplied pre-assembled with stranded wire leads. Alternatively, they can be terminated with available tooling.

Features and benefits

  • Easy conductor connection using universal screw connection technology
  • Suitable for stranded and solid cables
  • Snaps in automatically when inserted
  • Can only be separated using tools-screwdriver

Tech specs

  • Currents up to 35 A (3pos.) and up to 30 A (5- pos.)
  • Voltages up to 600 V
  • 14-10 AWG x Cable diameter: 8-21 mm
  • UV-resistant
  • IP67
  • UL 2238 Certified

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