New Product: Sealed Momentary Cable Switch from Switchcraft

We are pleased to introduce a new product from Swtichcraft…

black cableSealed Momentary Cable Switch from Switchcraft


  • Waterproof and Dustproof to IP67
  • Rated for 0.25 Amps, 30W max AC, non-inductive load
  • Available in 8 different configurations, allowing for a wide range of circuit configurations and cable diameters (see details and schematics on pg. 2)
  • Tested for a minimum of 20,000 Cycles 48VDC, 0.25 Amps (50 mΩ max) 125VAC, 0.25 Amps (50 mΩ max)
  • Easy field installation


  • Traffic control override
  • Outdoor instrument applications
  • Industrial controls
  • Outdoor amusement applications
  • Nurse call switches or infusion pumps

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