Clean Concept: cabling for environments with demanding hygiene requirements

clean conceptOur partners at Phoenix Contact introduce a clean concept, reliable cabling designed for environments with demanding hygiene requirements…

Hygienic Design – a clean concept

The food processing industry makes the highest requirements on components and materials with respect to degree of protection, resistance to corrosion and hygiene. Phoenix Contact offers a complete solution for application in this area.

The special hygienic designs makes the plug-in connectors particularly easy to clean. Stainless steel guarantees comprehensive protection against corrosion and thanks to the bright coating, dirt is easy to detect.

The requirements on plug-in connectors vary according to the application area – Phoenix Contact offers the right solution for every application:

Product contact zone

Covers all areas where food is processed, conveyed, stored or where it comes directly into contact with surfaces. In such cases, the components used must satisfy the highest hygienic requirements. M12 plug-in connectors in hygienic design are ideally suited for this area.

Spray zone

Product parts or other deposits that cannot be utilized as food or other deposits could accumulate in this area. For example, this can be the case during filling and packaging of foods. M12 plug-in connectors in washdown design are particularly suitable for use in these areas.

Product-free zone

In all areas that do not come into contact with the product or product parts, hygienic contamination is either low or non-existent. Our standard SAC range is particularly suitable in such cases.

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